Organic sustainable raw unsalted walnut pieces 700g/1.54 lb

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Organic sustainable raw unsalted walnut with skin quarters in 700g paper and film 100% compostable pack branded Inyan, selled in boxes of 10 units.

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Data sheet
DescriptionOrganic sustainable raw unsalted pieces
PackagingPaper+film 100% compostable
EAN Code0798190073521
Best before the end of:March-20th
Environmental features:Zero waste and CO2 neutral 
AllergensGluten-Free, lactose- free
Storage conditionsKeep it in a cool and dry place 
Nutritional informaticion 30 g
Energy (Kcal)206,1
Fat (g) (90% healthy)19,47
Carbohydrate (g)0,81
Proteina/Protein/Protéine/Eiweiβ (g)5,85
Fibre (g)2,07
Vitamina E/ Vitamin E (g)
Magnesio/Magnesium (mg)39
Calcio/Calcium/Kalcium (mg)36
Omega 3 (g)2,253
Omega 6 (g)13,899
Omega 9 (g)3,585
Poliphenols (g)0,678
Weight 7 kg

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