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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestor, we borrow it from our children.

What is Inyan?

Inyan is the brand for organic sustainable almonds, walnuts and pistachio that Cultidiversa SLU offers.

Daniel Conde is Cultidiversa´s manager, agronomist with broad experience in organic and biodinamic farming.

Cultidiversa is an associative company that works with farmers and others companies of the nut`s business.

Our principles

Our five basic pilars are sustainability, prosperity, transparence, innovation, consistency.

We think that any economic activity should enable a sustainable development throguh the application of these principles to their products.

Every product we sell, contains all the different aspects from the enviromental, social and cultural context where are grown. The packaging and new tecnologies enable to showcase these other aspects.

Business environmentalism

Daniel Conde has taken the initiative to go from being activist in associations and enviromental groups, to start a company according to the same environmental principles. He is convinced of everything can be improved.

Our logos

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Inyan es the archetipe of the fundamental Stone that give birth to new life according to Lakota Native American. Is the trade mark of our products and one of the proyect symbols.

Syllable In echoes innovation, and syllable yan represents the femenine energy.

This logo incorporates “n” and “i”. These sounds are also in the words of our products.

Logo’s cromatism refers also to brown that is in every nuts, and yellow of the sun, that impulse almonds, walnuts and pistachio formation in the tree.

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The Tree Logo represents the link field-city, that conects rural and urban people.

This link is basic for the development of associative economics in organic food sector.

It can be rebuildt through a transparent and cohesive that enables the flux of information from crops, products and its consumption.

Associative Economics

Associative economics is based in the conferences that Dr. Rudolf Steiner gave in the “Economic Course” in 1922.


It describe the economic esential base for human being on earth, characterize the fisic and spiritual work for humans, the meaning for money, formation of a fair price, the fundamentals for production, circulation, and consumption of what is necesary for humans to live, in the different life spheres.


The basic principles of associative economics applied to our activity are:

  • Economy must be circular and so, materials that are made should biodegradate to give forth new products.

  • Farmers, consumers and wholesalers are part of economic circle.

  • Price formation for consumers, farmers and wholesalers.It depends on the added value that products get since farmers harvest it to it reaches the consumer in the point of consumption.

  • Competitive colaboration: Competition between different actors taking part with similar products, is neccesary to continous improving of production and comunication procces. The outcome of this competitive colaboration is that a better producto is obtained, accesible to a larger number of people.

  • Payments are made when goods are shipped, to contribute to a continous improving of every procces.

Human Economy

The economy, as one of the society fundamental pilar, should activly participate durign transformation process towards a more humane and concious world. It should impulse respectfull with human being and life, sustainable and long-lasting services and goods production and consumption.


Human Economy should enable a decent life to people and comunities. It propose new forms of exhange based upon the Equilibrium Points, creating good conditions to the highest good of every parts and to expand prosperity.


It integrates and impulse articulation between transformation agents and innovative organizations that facilitate fraternal ties and joint strategies to generate a shared value.


It should enable to consumers realization and to positively influence towards new buying habits more consistent and sustainable with people and life.


The fundamental key of creative re-evolution that propose Human Economy is to create conditions to empower people, comunities and life on earth.


Inyan products easable the ecologic transition, because they have been made with the best tecnologies and products that are avalaible, to warrant the preservation of biodiversity, are zero waste and CO2 neutral.

Concious Nutrition

A varied and balanced diet is the base for a conscious nutrition, healthy and sustainable.

Conscious nutrition includes the nutritional contributions and the generated experience while producing and consuming of the food.

In this sense the Inyan products enrich the experience of buying and tasting our products, with all the nuances of the product (flavor, texture, color, etc.) and the environment where it is produced.

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